What’s My Fertility is an online fertility screening tool that allows women to receive reliable answers to learn whether they might face infertility in their 30s and dependable advice from some of the world’s leading fertility specialists.

Based on our patented algorithm, your fertility recommendation report will help you plan when to have children without having to worry about your reproductive potential. After completing the What’s My Fertility screening and analysis, you’ll know your fertility status without having to even set foot inside a doctor’s office.

Your Fertility Questions Answered in Three Easy Steps

Premature ovarian aging (POA)

Questionnaire &am; Preliminary Assessment

Answer a few questions about your medical and family history, and learn whether you’re at no, low, or high risk for POA.


Registration & Labs

To save your progress and to receive an assessment by a physician, register and submit your lab test results for your FSH and AMH levels, and for the FMR1 gene.
If you already have your lab results, submit them for a free, full assessment and recommendation. If you don’t have lab results yet, we can arrange for testing at a LabCorp location near you. LabCorp testing costs $274.

What your fertility

Full Assessment & Recommendation

A world-class fertility expert will give you information about Whether you currently have POA, Your likelihood of developing POA in the future, A range of time when you should get serious about having children and If necessary, treatment recommendations and fertility preservation options

What’s My Fertility offers more than just test results. We help you plan your reproductive future.

With What’s My Fertility, you don’t just get “yes” or “no” results. You get a personal evaluation of your reproductive future, from experts with decades of experience. The screening process includes advice about:

  • Your personal risk factor for premature ovarian aging (POA)
  • How fertile you are now
  • What your fertility might look like in the coming years
  • The best time for you to start a family
  • What you can do now to improve your chances of getting pregnant in the future

If, after screening, you are found to be at risk for POA, our doctors will work with you to monitor your fertility and recommend options so you don’t get left behind. We’ll be there to explain test results, guide you through egg or embryo freezing, and counsel you on your reproductive plan.

These insights will help you plan for everything that lies ahead-- family, career, and other personal pursuits.

No More Worrying About Your Future. Find Out Whether You Need Egg Freezing.

If you’re concerned about your risk of infertility in the future, an online screening could be the reassurance you need to focus on other aspects of your life. If you’re interested in egg freezing or other fertility preservation options, What’s My Fertility is an easy and convenient first step before embarking on that process. Start your screening now.

Take Charge of your Future and Plan your Fertility

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