If you’ve ever wondered about your fertility, you aren’t alone. Many women go about their lives without knowing whether or not they will be able to conceive later on in life. Our online fertility screening tool gives women reliable information they can use to make important decisions about their goals, careers, relationships, and more.

A free screening from What’s My Fertility can tell you:

Premature ovarian aging (POA)

Your risk for developing premature ovarian aging (POA)


How fertile you are now

What your fertility

What your fertility might look like in the coming years

Start a family

Roughly how long you might be able to wait to start a family

Improve your chances

What you can do now to improve your chances of getting pregnant in the future

Know your fertility. Plan your future.

Our fertility specialists have over 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating women with premature ovarian aging. After seeing hundreds of women go through the unnecessary pain and heartache of infertility in their 30s, they developed What’s My Fertility and offer it for free (you only pay lab fees).

Time is always of the essence when it comes to fertility treatment. The younger you are, the more options are available to you --whether that be egg freezing, periodic monitoring, or having children sooner. If you do have an elevated risk for developing POA, finding out early increases your chances of getting pregnant in the future. Start your free What’s My Fertility screening today.

How What’s My Fertility Works: Step by Step


Answer a Few Questions

Get started by completing our brief questionnaire to let us know more about you and your medical history.


Receive a Free Preliminary Assessment

Based on your responses, you’ll get a free preliminary report instantly that describes your personal risk factors for premature ovarian aging (POA).


Create an Account

If you want to save your results and continue with the full evaluation, you’ll then need to complete the simple registration. After that, we’ll then refer you for blood testing at a facility near you.
(If you already have your blood test results from your doctor, you can move on to the next step.)


Submit Lab Results

Once you have your lab results, you’ll upload them for analysis. Our physicians will assess your results individually, along with your preliminary questionnaire results to create your personal fertility recommendation report.


Receive Personal Risk Assessment and Fertility Recommendation

When your fertility recommendation report is ready, you’ll be notified by email to log in and see your results.


Plan Your Future

Based on the information on your report and personalized advice from our experts, you’ll be able to plan your future and stop worrying about your future fertility.

Get Started With What’s My Fertility Today

We know you’re busy. WMF is an easy way to get accurate and reliable answers to your fertility questions and concerns without doctor’s visits. Once you have the results you need, you’ll be able to take control of your reproductive future and pursue your dreams. Don’t wait another day--start your screening now.

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