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Protect yourself against premature ovarian aging.

What's My Fertility is a free online screening that tells you your risk of premature ovarian aging (POA), a silent cause of infertility that affects women in their 20s and 30s. Learning whether you're at risk helps you take steps to safeguard your fertility.


What is POA?

Normally, fertility peaks in our early to mid-20s and starts to decline in our early 30s. 1 in 10 of us, however, develop POA, which causes fertility to decline much sooner than normal.

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What is fertility, and how is it measured?

Female fertility has 3 major components: hormonal, anatomical, and immunological. All must work together for a pregnancy to be carried to term. What’s My Fertility screens for warning signs of the most important aspect of female fertility.

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How the screening works.

Answer a few questions about your and your family’s medical history, submit your lab results, and a world-class fertility expert will let you know whether you currently have POA, your likelihood of developing POA in the future, a range of time you should get serious about having children. If necessary, we'll provider treatment recommendations and fertility preservation options.

  • Questionnaire & Preliminary Assessment

  • Registration & Labs

  • Full Assessment & Recommendation

More About our Process

If you learn you have POA, you can take steps to safeguard your fertility.

If you find that your's in the majority of women who are unlikely to develop POA, Yhat's right My Fertility will give you knowledge about your own fertility that may put your mind at ease as you pursue other priorities for now, tuning out the sometimes aggressive push for egg freezing.

If your results reveal elevated risks of POA, there are steps you can take to protect your fertility. In your analysis, our physicians will walk you through your options to help you determine what's right right for you and give you an option to connect for a one-on-one consultation.

What You’ll Learn from Your Screening

  • EGG

Your assessment is free & confidential.

No woman should have to deal with the preventable effects of POA. This is why What’s My Fertility was developed as a free service.

Our physicians will review and provide advice on your individual fertility situation free of charge. However, we will need your lab results in order to provide a full assessment.

If you have your labs, the screening process is completely free.

If you need labs, you can request them from your primary care physician, or we’ll help you find a LabCorp location near you. Lab testing through What’s My Fertility, which is paid fully to LabCorp, is $274.

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Our story, inspired by you.

For over 30 years, women have trusted the Center for Human Reproduction for the best fertility treatment and advice available.

CHR doctors have seen countless women struggle to become pregnant, particularly afer finding out, too late, that they have Premature Ovarian Aging. What’s My Fertility was founded by CHR physicians in 2015 as a solution to this devastating but preventable problem.

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